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Sunday, November 8, 2015

A sense of release

I don’t often post political messages but this was important to me, so read it or not, it’s okay if you move on to something else. It’s just my opinion but having a positive political message is better than the opposite side of that.

As you will know, we had elections here in Canada three weeks ago and we elected a new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

When the election results were coming in and it was becoming clear that finally, the repressive conservative government of 10 years, headed by S. Harper (bothers me to even say his full name), would be gone from power. Along with that S. Harper has left public life.

He was probably the singularly most disliked PM for his bigotry and for his crushing of our scientists voices, to the media and others, keeping them from doing their jobs. Always a sign of a very insecure person, but I digress. I didn’t know how bigoted until the next morning when I started to read all the comments from every day people and world leaders alike, looking ahead to improved relations with our government. Who knew. But then, how would we know the full impact of the bigotry if not for ousting a leader who is.

With our new PM, you could almost feel that repressive air being blown away, finally we are returning to what Canada represents. A multicultural country, a country that does not want to be part of a war that doesn’t really have anything to do with us and a country where our personal freedoms are the top of the list and we cherish those freedoms. Just look around at the countries that don’t have that and so much more they go without.

The new cabinet is made up of gender equality, 15 women, 15 men. There are people from many ethnic groups and a balance of experienced and new politicians. A government that is eager and ready to tackle the job of unlocking all the things that Harper put locks on.

In particular, our scientists are once again able to give their news and reports on what they have discovered. I even heard the relief in the broadcasters for CBC that they are feeling the cover lifted off and are able to breath again. What a terrible thing to suppress everything around you, and then expect to be re-elected. The next morning Mr. Trudeau gave his first press conference in a room that has not been used since 2009 (as reported) due to the last PM not giving the media any information, therefore no press conferences needed. You can’t stifle the voices of reason forever, they will be heard eventually.

You can feel the energy coming back into Canada, and it’s amazing. We have our Canada back and now we just wait to see how everything shakes down. This quote came in a newsletter this morning and I thought it was so appropriate.

"The hate of men will pass, and dictators die, and the power they took from the people will return to the people. And so long as men die, liberty will never perish."

~Charlie Chaplin~

And so there we have it. A sense of release and excitement to get back to what we love about our country. There are a couple of news articles below that really tell the tale better than I can.

Unmuzzled Federal Biologist

Personal Freedoms

Thanks for taking the time to let me have a short political moment. ;o)) Now back to Christmas doings……..


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