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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Winter Blossoms & Wind Flowers

During the last couple of weeks I’ve been planting some fall/winter veggies. Fortunately our climate is such, that we can get a few things to grow over the colder temps. because we don’t get as cold as the rest of Canada. I was able to put in a couple of types of broccoli, 2 types of onions, some chard and a variety of lettuce and of course the miracle greens, Kale.

For those who like kale, I’ve been growing Russian Red kale, it’s milder than the rest and good either raw or steamed.  Even when we do get a bit of snow, they still survive because the temperature warms up just enough.

We’re kind of protected in this little spot. That’s not to say, I wouldn’t love to have that white stuff fall from the sky a little bit and some colder temps. to keep us humble. We’ve been know to mow lawns in early December. I know, it sounds awful to those who suffer for 6 months or more during cold seasons, but I have no control over the weather, and just extremely grateful to live where I do.


And so it begins, the Christmas crush has begun. I’ve gone into my head down mode from now until December. Other than one order for the end of this month, everything else I’m working on is Christmas.

The first thing I wanted to get done to get me in the mood, are these oh so pretty felt ornaments. The designs are by American Homestead. If there is time after everything else is done, I will make more of these. They are really eye catching and I’m not lacking tons of colour options of felt.

I used buttons in the center (who doesn’t have tons of buttons) and I added a little Christmas charm to each one. Instead of French knots, I substituted beads. Aren’t these pretty, I just have to make more now that I’m seeing them posted. ;o) Except for the last one which is traditional Christmas type colours, the rest I wanted to experiment with bright and bold colours, and I’m liking them.

This is a very short post today, but I’ll have more to show soon.


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