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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I finished this doll a couple of days ago, but was waiting until the customer picked it up before I posted the pictures.  This was ordered for a friend’s 50th.

There were two requests, that there be some leopard skin somewhere on the doll, top or bottom. I did both, but it worked out great. 

The other request was for aviator glasses and that they be removable. I think she looks like a high end Barbie, but better. ;o)))

The lady this doll is going to, is blond and wears this style of glasses. I’m assuming there is a reason for the leopard print, but I’m not even going to try and figure out what. This doll is adapted from a design by Laura Lundsford. If you scroll down the page, look for Amelia. Click on Amelia for a better view.


So working from the top, a close up of her face. I can’t help thinking how she looks like a living person. If anyone who came through the museum show during the last few days saw me working on her, you now see the finished product.


I decided to include a profile picture, just because I love this face so much. the shape is so pretty and doesn’t require a lot of needle sculpting. In this profile picture you can also see the chain I attached to keep the glasses from getting lost.

They are attached in a way that allows the glasses to come down her face and rest just below the chin, but not to come right off. A tricky thing to figure out, but the light came on and it works…


Oh to have that lovely long slim waist, but I digress. I love her leopard skin jacket. Her gloves are made with stretch velvet and you definitely do need to use fabric as suggested in the pattern to make the gloves.

The necklace is a little strip of black sparkly beads in a silver setting. The buttons down the front of the vest and on her gloves are gold metal beads. I also (but you can’t see it, used black metal trim down the center front of the vest, on the gloves , around the bottom edges of the boots and lastly around the bottom edge of the base. 


The skirt is made from a piece of drapery fabric, my friend Janet’s favourite part.  Mine is the jacket.


And of course, her almost stiletto heel boots. I did add the leopard print in 4 places, but I kept it tasteful, those things can go wrong so fast, but I think it worked out just fine. I love how the base looks with it, it really makes the boots pop… at least I think so.  ;o)


And so Kim is finished and on her way to her new temporary home, and soon after, to her permanent one… So enjoy her Kim, and Happy 50th...

And doll makers, before you go….please pop over to Shashi’s blog. Shashi is offering her free doll pattern, one that she has used for teaching. It’s a nice basic pattern that lends itself to many looks.  Enjoy and thank you Shashi.



  1. Really fabulous. I have that pattern but I've never made it up so it's nice to see how she turns out:)

  2. That is fabulous Romona, she is going to be a hit at that 50th birthday party for sure!

  3. This doll is just great and I agree with you she looks like an actual person. I guess I will head on over and buy Laura's pattern and see if I can make one as good as this. Wonderful work Romona. BTW Jackie Kennedy wore a leopard print coast so don't worry it is tasteful.

  4. Thanks Connie. I hope you enjoy the pattern, it's a fun doll to make...



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