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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Gold Plum Santa

Well it’s been two weeks since my last post, how did that happen…. I know how. I’ve started my big Christmas order. There will be four of these dolls. Two will be Santa and two will be Mrs. Claus, of course. These are really big, 30”"” tall. They are for the same customer that ordered the three Santa’s last year. These are the next step up in height for his collection and the only request was to make them Vintage looking, no red/white Santa’s. ;o)

This one is simply put dressed in gold and plum tones. He’s been quite to attention getter at the museum. I got the strangest looks walking to the museum with him all wrapped up, made me think I was carrying a sarcophagus, and I’m sure it looked like it.;o)

I’ve used Barbara Schoenoff’s Santa pattern and mixed and matched her ideas with my own. The hair is needle felted on, in these first pictures it’s just the eyebrows and moustache. Later on he’ll have it all.


There is no shirt pattern so I made one for him. Barbara uses the body fabric to create a faux shirt. The buttons are fun, they are purchased but someone came up with the brilliant idea of using the ends of thread spools as buttons. I’m sure they are a template to look that way, but they would be fun to make if you were still able to find wooden spools..


His belt is an old one of mine that I don’t think I ever wore, but Santa likes it. The waistcoat is wool felt, buttons are from the thrift store. Although you can’t see the details, the buttons have that faux leather pattern on them. The gloves are made with a wine coloured vinyl and look perfect when you see him all dressed..


Now he’s all put together. I added the hood since it will be cold where he’s going. The coat and matching boots, are made with tapestry fabric.. When I first saw the colour of the faux fur ages ago, I must have known it would be ideal for someone and now it’s being used. I think Mrs. Claus will have the same trim on her outfit.


Now he has his whiskers, hair and glasses and is looking oh so dapper as Santa should. His walking stick is simple with just a few cords and a tassel.


A couple of animals have found a place to rest. Those patterns are from Cathy Pendleton of Cheswick CompanyThe lantern was a great find. I found them the same day I bought those glass knobs I used on the Jester’s Court sign. Of course for safety reasons instead of a real tea light, I put a battery operated light in there. In the quiet of a Christmas Eve, the flicker of the candle will look great.


The base is trimmed as usual with two colours of felt (gold on the bottom) and a cotton trim of black and gold around the sides.


A short break now while I make an customer order for the end of September and back to a mate for Santa and then the other couple of Mr. and Mrs. I have moved from Jester emersion to Christmas emersion and am pretty much up to my knees in that, but it’s all good. The reward will come in December when I’m done and the crazy pace of this year will be complete.

Back soon… ;o)


1 comment:

  1. He is fabulous Romona, can't wait to see his Mrs. and how you are going to finish the other dolls. Can't believe it is nearly the end of August and that the holidays are looming again, didn't we just do all of that?!



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