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Friday, June 19, 2015

Olivia The Ball Walker

Counting down the days to the Museum Exhibit. now. This is the 3rd to the last Jester I’m making for the exhibit. Olivia is a design by Leta Benedict. One of my absolute favourite designers. I only had the privilege of spending one day in a class with her, but I soaked it up like a sponge and learned so much by watching and having her right there to make sure I was going in the right direction.  Leta loves to use lace and ribbon and lovely silks for her dolls, she is very much like me when it comes to details. Only the best for our little people. ;o))

Here comes Olivia. I haven’t done the face technique this time, that Leta does, but I did use her techniques of using lace and ribbons to their best advantage. I’ve included lots of pictures for her. I don’t usually like to hold people hostage looking at pictures for too long, but there is so much to her that I decided to show her from many angles.


Around her bottom area, where the body is gathered up, I’ve added layers of organza to fill in the space. It just felt like it wasn’t really covered enough, and I wanted the added volume as well to hold her skirt out. I used a dupioni silk for the skirt which has more weight to it than the wide ribbon that Leta used.


I love the mix of colours, fabrics and prints. I wasn’t sure how they would work together, but am very happy with the final results.


I used Tibetan Lambskin for her hair. The trims around the face and sleeves look beaded, but it’s not. It’s a metallic trim I came across a while ago and thankfully I ordered a few colours as it was on sale for a really good price. It’s soft and easy to cut to size and you can stitch it on. Just perfect for doll making. It was the last of what they had, so you know that’s a sign to grab it fast.


A little closer look at her details. The ball is painted with Deco Art Metallic paints. The bottom is finished with felt and on the sides just a couple of organza style flowers in two colours and more of the metallic trim.


On the front you can see the lace. I cut that into pieces and fashioned it around her waist, down the front of the skirt and a small piece on her forehead. The ribbon down the front is tightly gathered, the same technique is used around her neck, wrists and ankles. Just a few beads here and there and of course bells to make her jingle.


Olivia says thank you for stopping by. She’s gone downstairs to join the others, all waiting to make their way to the museum… ;o)



  1. Awesome:) I hope you post lots of pictures of your dolls when they are in the museum.

  2. I am in love. Such an awesome Jester and I love all the detail pictures. So wish I could visit the museum in person. I have always wanted to take a class from Leta, but she does not seem to teach much these days. I just took three days of painting with Jodi Ohl, what a lovey teacher. I hope to take some of her techniques into creating fabric. Everyone in the class was wonderful and that certainly adds to the adventure.
    Your fabric makes my want to touch and feel, so good thing I am not around. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful creation.

  3. I love this Jester and all your dolls. They are all so fabulous Romona! I may not always comment but I do see your posts!
    hugs Karen

  4. Love the colours and fabrics you used for this.



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