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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Friday, May 15, 2015

Rose Pierrot

This week instalment of Jesters, is actually a Pierrot. This is a design by Karen Cunagin.  Rose is mainly created with black and white fabrics.  She is a wall doll and is about 20” long.


There are only a couple of subtle touches of red for a little distraction and to break up the black and white. I gave her some soft red lips. I also added some tiny bits of gold on her face to tie into the bit of gold in the metallic trim around her face.

Her expression is meant to be more dramatic than a Jester. While you can’t see them, I have stitched beads onto the lace around her neck. In real life it provides a bit of twinkle, there is also a crystal at the top of her hat.


The red rose she holds gave me a happy surprize. When I took it out of the wrapper to prepare it for Rose to hold, I was surprized to see that the bud is made with feathers.

On further inspection, I realized the leaves on the stem are also made with feathers.. Who knew. I got this at the $ store and just bought it for what I thought what would be a single stem red rose, I love those kinds of “oh cool” moments..

I also changed the hands of the design, going back to my eternal quest for all my dolls to have individual fingers on their hands, not mittens.. I’m obsessed with that, I know…


I changed the pattern for her feet a little. I found that the feet instructions included extra seams that seemed a bit complicated for what it is. Instead, I left off the extra pattern piece and just made the front and back of the feet the same. Then I traced out the lines for the sole and shoe tops and painted them black. 

To finish I used the mini pom pom trims, organza ribbon and crystals on the toes., along with a row of seed beads around what would be the top edge of the shoes, black on one shoe, white on the other..


A back view. I also made a slight change to her top. It was meant to hang loosely like a blouse, but I like my dolls to be finished underneath as well. Since this design didn’t include any kind of under blouse, I simply gathered the bottom of the blouse and pulled it tight to the body, tucked it under and tacked it in place.

On the front in the first picture at the top, you’ll see black pom poms down the front, those were made from a faux fur type of fabric.


A little closer on the head back. A bit of black Soutache for the hanger.


And that’s Rose Pierrot. She’s hanging on the wall waiting to make her appearance at the museum doll exhibit. Another doll to show you next week, I’m still two ahead of my posts, so all is well with the goal I set for myself.. See you soon.. ;o)


  1. She's really fabulous. I like all the little touches you've added. Perfect:)

  2. Stunning color combination! I have always loved Pierrots! Really beautiful doll work/creation Romona!

  3. I love all your Jesters Ramona they all are gorgeous

  4. I hadn't heard of Karen before so I was Googling about as I do and I saw that she has a Harlequin pattern too.



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