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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Amelia asks… Shall I Play for You

Jill Maas designed this little cutie quite a while ago, and now she’s a reality here in my workroom. I think she’s a bit of a cross over between a Gypsy and a Jester.

I really enjoyed making her, each step of the way she just made me grin, with her big Pinocchio nose to her pointy elbows. I’ve kind of adopted Jill’s way of putting dolls together, at least I think she does this with all her designs??? I will find out as i make more of them. For this at least, she has you make all the body parts and costume first, then you put them all together. It’s a different way from the norm, I’m used to making and putting together parts as I go along.

I’m not sure if this will work with all dolls I make, but the Jester I’m working on now, is being done this way and seems to be working out okay. Time will tell.. ;o)

With her black hair, she looks even more gypsy like. I love Jill Maas’s imagination. I wasn’t sure how I would take to the eyes, but you know, after you’ve spent time creating them, they are what gives her designs so much charm and appeal. The pupils are seed beads.

Her costume is primarily cotton prints except her britches. They are made from a soft corduroy, the shoes are a faux leather.


I like how she’s standing, she has that cool girl swagger…lol

Her violin was found at Christmas in the ornament section of the store. At the time, I thought it was too big for the dolls I was working on at the time, but Amelia is tall enough to pull it off. There was no bow to go with it, so I fashioned one out of air dry clay and now she asks, Shall I play for you????

Amelia makes a great addition to my Jester display.


  1. Romona, she is fabulous, what an expressive face!

  2. Another wonderful creation. So happy to see your post, I was worried that you were sick or something. Happy creating!

  3. I love this cutie and the violin is perfect for her:)



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