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Friday, February 13, 2015

Mixed Media Fairy – final prep

Just a short post today. These pictures are just to show the final colours I added to the books, to bring the brightness back up. I use a deerfoot brush to get the effect.

deerfoot brush

And if you follow this link, you can watch a YouTube video on how to use these brushes.  Deerfoot Brush

In this picture you can see the new layers of bright green, a soft blue and with just a touch of pearl white.

Each time I added a layer, I let it dry, then added the next, dry and finish with the last one. If you don’t wait, you will turn your colours into a muddy mess. Also as you add each of the last layers, you will add less and less so you are creating touches of colour, not an overall mass of the same thing. Think of a flower garden and how certain colours pop out here and there, this is the same thing.


In this picture you can see how I painted the borders of each book a different colour as well I painted the back of them. You might think, why…but you will for sure be able to see parts of the backs even though you can see they are stacked. The last thing you want is someone lifting the whole piece up and seeing that you slacked off on the finishing. This is such a beautiful art piece, you really don’t want to skip steps.

You should be able to see the difference those last 3 layers of colour made to bring the brightness back. The painted borders in different colours also helps to break up the garden theme so it doesn’t run into book after book without a break.

And this is all for today. I don’t want to show you anymore than this, as I want you to see the completed doll soon, so you get the whole thing in a post of it’s own.. so check back in a day or two for the finale… ;o)


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  1. Catching up Romona, it's looking great! Off to find the finished fairy, I am sure it is going to be fabulous!



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