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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Mardi Gras Needlework Collection

In 2013 I started working on a tutorial. I got side tracked, sound familiar…. I do that from time to time. ;o(  However, I got back on track and put my mind to it that I had to finish this project. 

And that’s what I did. I love Jesters, Clowns, Pierrots and pretty much anything on that theme, so with that in mind, I created this needlework collection. I got it done in the same week of Mardi Gras, at least on the end of it, but done it is.

I hope if you like to do needlework, you might enjoy making this. If you’re not, don’t worry, you don’t necessarily have to be. The hat is the focal point of the set, and it’s all sewn except for the added stitched button on the top which could be replaced with anything you like.

It’s a big project, 19 pages for the instructions, then there are two other files to download that are instructions for putting together components of the set. Please click on “Free Stitching Projects” on the tab above and you will find three files to download. Mistakes happen, let me know if you find something.

They are: Mardi Gras Needlework Collection, 18th Century Scissor Shoe Fobs and last file on the page, Finishing Ornaments. To make all 5 projects, you need all three files. You will now be able to make scissor fobs, buttons (which could also be smaller fobs,


To cover the backs, I just used faces that were part of a fabric featuring Jesters and Mardi Gras specifically. You easily just cover both sides with fabric if you don’t do needlework.


a Jester ornament


A scissor case. While i haven’t embellished the case very much you certainly can. I just felt it would be handled a fair bit, so that any dangling beads etc. might be in the way.


And a Jesters hat, my favourite part of the set. This one is in Mardi Gras colours, but the one I made in 2013 is in black and white fabrics. I love these pincushions. So much fun and adds a fun feature to my worktable.



Here is the completed set all together.


This is how you can make small and medium size fobs. So cute.


I hope you will enjoy it. I’ve given you a few examples of what you could do, send me pictures if you make something with this tutorial. . I would love to see your interpretation of my design and I will feature you on my blog if you would like that…;o)

All I ask in return is that you give me credit for the projects I’ve designed and if you feel so inclined, pass along my blog link to anyone else you know that likes to stitch and/or likes Jester themes.


  1. Wow Romona, what a lot of work you put into this tutorial! Fabulous projects, the jester hat pin cushion is great! Love the little scissor fobs too, wonderful colour combinations. I shall download your tut, thanks so much for your generosity and hopefully I'll be able to work on one of your projects soon.

  2. Oh what delightful pincushions Ramona. Love the fobs for the scissors too



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