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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fairy - So Far

What a crazy week. A couple of months ago I got this nerdy idea to be part of the Windows 10 Beta testing group. We installed the beta versions on our laptops because we don’t store much on them and if things didn’t go well at least there would be virtually nothing lost. All was well until recently. As updates came in and changes were happening, one by one things stopped working properly or at all. Didn’t even notice that the security software disappeared.

I decided that it was time to bring it to an end and revert back to Windows 7. Long story short, that didn’t happen so easily. The Windows 10 Beta version does not give you an opportunity to uninstall it and go back to your original OS. I even did something on the computer that was a MS function to try and salvage it but that function totally hooped my laptop, so no choice but to redo things which was a huge learning curve. But I got it done.

The only contact I had to make to MS, was to reactivate a program. The last time that happened, I had to practically crawl on my hands and knees to prove I had a legal copy. Now it’s automated. You just follow the prompts and they can verify everything automatically by what information you give them. In about 5 mins. the program was activated and no human contact to grovel to. Thumbs up to MS for the new system of authenticating their software

I think after this experience I should apply to MS for a job. I managed to finally get a clean install and upgraded to Win 8.1 X’s two computers. No more beta testing. I’m so glad that I’m not afraid to make mistakes because this would have been cause for a complete meltdown…

With of all that over the past few days, I didn’t get much time to work on my clay fairy. I do have a start on her though.

The front… clearly I have work to do on her, but I have the main shape finished. Now it’s just fine tuning. You can see how tiny she is by the ruler next to her. By the time she’s done, she’ll be a bit over 6” tall.


You can see by the back that she’s looking more masculine than fairy like, but that will sort itself out. It’s good to take pictures and see them on the screen, I find it brings things into perspective and shows me where I need to fix things. I can see her shoulders are to manly and one is higher than the other. One arm is larger than the other but she does have a pretty cute little butt. In this picture you can also see the size of her sideways.

That’s it for now. See you soon…



  1. Sorry about the computer problems but glad you got it sorted out. Your fairy is coming along very nicely and I so agree about taking pictures to see what your project really looks like, works every time!

  2. My son and I both worked for the same company and when they wanted something tested on the computer they would second us from our regular jobs. Sean and I were very good at crashing stuff....LOL.

    Like the new blog look:)



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