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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gloves for Christmas

**I have added a pdf for this on my Tutorials page**

With a little respite today, I thought I would show you a DIY project I worked on. Simply put, I made an inexpensive pair of $ store gloves feel very special. Who says they have to be worn….they have a different purpose today.


To begin, use a little polyfil stuffing to fill out the fingers and palms, just a little so they aren’t so floppy. Don’t over stuff, just to give them some shape.


We’re going to fill the gloves with an assortment of goodies, so we need to make a little room. These particular gloves have elastic thread sewn into the cuffs. By removing 3 or 4 rows of elastic, the cuff will loosen up.

Just spread out a section of the cuff over your fingers and from the inside and with a pin, gently pull the elastic through. Cut each cord and carefully pull them out.


Every crafter has a stash of some kind or other. Gather up an assortment of fillers. As you work along, you will find yourself digging out more trims and embellishments. It’s a project that keeps changing as you work.


Start tucking your fillers into the gloves. Make them the same or make each one different, it’s up to you. When you have them arranged the way you want, start gluing the parts to the insides of the gloves. You might find it easier to take everything out and one bit at a time, put them in again gluing as you go. 

When I was done with the fillers, I finished off with a sprinkle of snow flakes, and tied a piece of ribbon around the cuffs with a tiny bauble on top. Set these aside and let the glue thoroughly dry.


Add a hanger with ribbon or cord.

The final step is the best part. Because my gloves will be stationary against a wall, I have tucked into the arrangements, a spice scented pine cone and some cinnamon sticks. They won’t be disturbed, so I don’t need to glue them in. As you walk by you’re greeted with a nice cinnamon and spice fragrance.

You can pack them away at the end of the season and see if the scent is still there next year, or you can dispose of those parts and just replace them next Christmas. They can easily be tucked in here and there again, but I’m leaving them in to see if the scent is still there this time next year.

I hope you have enjoyed this simple but pretty project and that it inspires you to make a set of your own for yourself or a gift.

This is also my entry in the Christmas Decorations Competition being hosted jointly by Victoria’s Vintage and Able Skills.

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