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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A little bit more

I’ve been finishing up some bits and pieces for Christmas. I had a tree topper at the shop and that sold, so I made this one up to make sure the tree has a topper. It’s a Cheswick Company design. Thank goodness for Cathy. ;o) This is her Silent Night Owl Tree Topper.


A few weeks ago I showed you a Vintage Stocking I made for a customer. In that same design was this companion ornament pattern. I’ve made it a little bit different by leaving off a second pocket that would be filled with little packages.


I also made this velvet stocking. I love burgundy and gold together. It always looks so elegant. I’ve had these large dried flowers for ages and seems kind of silly to just keep opening the box and looking at them, so time to use them. I have another stocking that’s cut out, just needs putting together. If not for this year, next.


The “Sidney Sparkle Parade” was on Saturday night. A cold night, but not anything like many of you are experiencing and will experience. Had I known there would be a mini town crier, I would have brought my camera, but I took this with my phone, it’s not great, but you’ll get the idea.


I found these images of Kenny Podmore, our town crier, on Google which gives more of the detail of the costume. Love that…

In the background in the inner harbour in Victoria, and in the distance our Parliament buildings.

town crier3town crier2

If you aren’t familiar with Town Criers, I found this that explains who they are. It’s quite a world wide society.

The other pictures I took didn’t turn out well, but I did like this one. I would love to take a ride in that on a snowy night all bundled up with my hubby and just enjoy the quiet of the falling snow. Doesn’t that sound like fun, they do it in the movies all the time after all. ;o) Until next time……..



  1. You are always so busy:) I love that owl...really unique.

  2. Oh my, think I have to go and buy Cathy's pattern for her Silent Night Owl tree topper, he is adorable! The carriage ride in the snow sounds perfect Romona, hope you get a few flakes over the holidays so you and your hubby can go for a romantic ride!



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