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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Art of Stillness

In our local paper this morning, there is a very interesting article by Jenny Barchfield about a man by the name of Pico Iyer. A world traveller who has found that he’s had enough of the insane pace of travelling from one place on the planet to the other and in this article he explains why. The case for staying put.

I was so heartened by this article because it’s exactly how I feel. Time and time again I’m asked are you going anywhere this summer or winter or whatever season it happens to be. When I answer, no, it’s met with a silence that’s deafening and a look of confusion on the face of the person asking the question.

Why don’t you travel, why not circumvent the globe, go to all these wonderful places. Ummm, NOT!!!  I’m quite happy to live vicariously through those who do that sort of thing and enjoy the stress of plane hopping, missed flights, expense of course and plans that don’t always work out, and let’s not forget the groping you get at every security area, the body scans, the temp. taking, and oh joy, how much does it cost you just to leave every point of departure. Why would I want to miss out on that. ???

Sorry world travellers, I am content to be at home, taking weekend trips to the gulf islands now and then, or up the island to explore our amazing local sights and sounds. The gulf islands are beautiful, like our own piece of heaven, just a short ferry ride away and so many to choose from. Each offers it’s own wonderful array of artisans, scenery and events depending on the time of year. I am very content to live a simple life with hubby, and just a few friends that I can depend on and whose company I enjoy day after day.

We bought a house to live in it, it’s home, it’s comfortable, it’s our own private place where we enjoy being. For me, there is no place like home as Dorothy so eloquently exclaimed when she woke up from her knock on the head.

If you like Ted Talks, please click here to listen to Pico Iyer and hear his views on slowing down and just be still. In one part of the talk, near the end, he refers to a sanctuary he went to and it was there that he realized what standing still and being quiet really meant.

I knew someone who went to a similar sanctuary. A cabin that was in a remote area on land owned by the Catholic church. She also was not a religious person, but the sanctuary was provided by the church regardless.

The same scenario as described by Pico Iyer, no amenities of any kind, just quiet and sounds of nature and only a single small lamp for light. If I remember correctly, she had to bring a sleeping bag as there was no bedding, just a very hard cot to sleep on. She told me that she never realized how much noise was in her head until she went somewhere that she was forced to hear it.

I hope you are living your life the way it makes you happiest, not the way others think you should. Do what keeps you happy, content and motivated. It’s such a great feeling.

Back to my dolls, and soon I’ll have pictures to show you. Have a great day with a bit of time for peace and quiet.



  1. I'm with you and Pico Romona, I have no desire to travel the world. Our idea of a dream vacation is to head to the middle of nowhere, here in our own beautiful and vast country, and just be. Mother Nature has a way of teaching us what is truly important. Enjoy your peace and quiet my friend.

  2. I have to travel on business every two to three weeks for a few days. Granted I am very fortunate to have a second home to go to but I always long to come home to my true home here. I click my ruby red slippers often! I confess, I am a homebody!!!!!!!!! :-)



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