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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Friday, November 7, 2014

Connie Kaldor ~ What a Night!

Last June I posted a presentation doll I was working on. This one. I didn’t want to say at the time who this doll was being presented to, because it may have gotten back to her in some innocent way, but now I can tell you. She is Connie Kaldor, a folk musician and an amazing talent. She sings about the west, and primarily Saskatchewan and Alberta. She writes and performs all her own music, along with her husband Paul. More about Connie here.


I admit ashamedly that I did not know this Canadian artist when I was first presented with the commission to make this doll, so I got busy and did some research. The very first video I saw of her performing, was this concert, where she performed “You’re All Right”. I used this as my inspiration. I was to cover 3 things, of course the artist herself, the western culture and some humour. Because of this video, that just made things a whole lot easier for me. This is it.  “You’re All Right” 

I had an email a few weeks ago letting me know there would be a ticket waiting for me at the door to the concert, and so the butterflies in me began their journey of growth… ;o)  The concert was last night. Yes I did keep my ticket stub, I’m such a geek. This may never happen again and it’s a memory that will last me forever, the experience was top shelf.


After a few announcements, the concert began. I didn’t take pictures during that, not sure that was allowed anyway. Connie is the consummate performer, she holds your attention, she’s regales you with hilarious stories before each song and just draws you into each one. There were hoots and howls all through the night, we all clapped along through some songs, sang along with others. There was just Connie and her husband and a long time friend and musician on stage, sadly his name escapes me  because he was so talented, and I would have loved to recognize him here. He played the fiddle, squeeze box and a saw and bow. That was amazing how he played the saw, which evoked huge applause at the end.

During the intermission just before the second half of the show, they made the presentation. The Western Literature Association has always given awards to those who write books or other forms of literature. Connie is the first ever singer/songwriter to be given the award for her contributions to Western Literature. They presented the written award, then the doll to her and I heard her comment, “oh it does look like me”, and then they put it on the piano where it sat for the rest of the performance. When she sat down to play the piano, she commented again, so I think she really liked it. ;o) She told me after, that she didn’t have anything like that in her home and that made it even more special.

After the show, I was waiting in the main area to get my cd signed. Then I decided that because this was so important to me, and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to speak with her, I went back into the theater. Connie was down near the stage speaking to a few friends. I went down and waited my turn.

When my turn came, I introduced myself as the person who made the doll for her and we had a few minutes to chat. I felt a tap on my shoulder and when I turned around, a lady was standing there. She introduced herself as the one who first saw my dolls at Janet’s Tea Shop and who put my name forward to create this doll, and so now i have that puzzle figured out as I didn’t know who it was, just that a lady had come in and taken one of my cards. ;o)

Connie signed my cd (her newest one) and if you have trouble making out what it says, it reads… “Thank you for the beautiful gift – you are incredible! Connie”


I asked if I could have a picture taken with her and she said of course, another lady quickly offered to take the picture, so here you are. I of course am the one who won’t be able to wipe off that silly grim for days now. It was a truly magical experience. First being asked to create this doll for her and then to be able to meet her and have a few precious minutes to talk to her. I will never ever forget this experience.



  1. Wow what an incredible story! You are so lucky to have known this artist and heard her perform.i am so glad she liked the doll you are so talented it is very beautiful . I think a big congratulations are in order.
    I tried to write comments but for the past few days I have not able to leave comments in your blog. It may have got resolved now as I am able to commnt

  2. What a wonderful and magical night Romona, I knew that Connie was going to love your doll!! Congratulations, I am sure that this will not be the last commission that they ask you to do after seeing your amazing creation :O)

  3. I wondered about that doll and now I know. Congratulations:)



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