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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

First Santa for Christmas

Oh my I’ve been so so busy. A friend recently moved to a furnished apartment, so a couple of garage sales happened, things to thrift stores and free on the side of the road items. In between all that, she graced me with some wonderful little furniture pieces and a couple of other things I very much needed. I was busy the last few weeks redoing, moving things around, taking out the old things to replace with the new. Sorting, clearing and in generally doing my spring cleaning in the middle of summer. But at least it’s done and feels so great to have given things a refresh.

I’ve been in complete slow motion with my doll making, but finally I have this one finished. It was a lot of start and stops, not sure why but it happens like that sometimes. This is for a customer. His request was simple, no red and white Santa and have fun with it. I went with the Victorian/Old World type which is what I really love to make, coming from an Austrian background.  

A few details. I started off with a pattern in mind and just kind of tossed it aside and did my own thing. The face was supposed to be Trapunto style but instead I used an extra clay face that I made when I did the Victorian Santa’s last year. The coat is upholstery fabric, and trimmed with fur. The hobby horse in his right hand is the pattern by Nancy Gowran and can be found on Doll Street. I used lampshade fringe for his mane.


His Santa bag is filled with a teddy bear, present, mini books that I made, a stocking and mittens that I also made, a glass ornament of a penguin, a tiny nutcracker and an angel.


The teddy bear came from the dollar store. I didn’t like the hat on his head or the cheesy looking Merry Christmas sign ;o~, so I removed both and made a vest for him with felt and top stitched with DMC pearl cotton and of course his bow tie to finish.

DSSanta11 DSSanta07

The Santa vest is made with black velvet, silk for the shirt and home decor fabric for the trousers.The belt is leather, the buckle from an old watch. The embellishments for his vest are repurposed old jewellery.


The coat is lined with a heavy lining type fabric. The boots are leather and embellished with chain, soutache and fur. Around his feet are more toys and bells. As usual I’ve covered the base with felt in two colours, black and gold and trim around the sides.


In his left hand he holds a pocket watch to keep track of his time and just inside the sleeves you can see lace trim. He’s also had a bit of a manicure for good measure.


And so he’s ready to meet his new owner and I’m on to my next commission before diving head first into my Christmas ornaments this year.



  1. A lovely subtle Santa.I like this type best too.
    I am a Capricorn. I generally clash with Leos as they love Centre Stage and I like to be invisible.
    My aunt is a Leo.

  2. He is fabulous Romona, your customer is going to be blown away! Your attention to detail never ceases to amaze me, you are so very talented!

  3. As always your dolls are wonderful. I love the little details.

  4. Just wonderful Romona! 'Hi' to radar!



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