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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Friday, July 11, 2014

Whoa Nellie!

Just finished this doll in a class with Cindee Moyer. Another fun project from the mind of Cindee. I really had fun with this and it’s on display now in the tea shop next to a grouping of tea cups with horses on them. How appropriate.

The colour scheme of mine is somewhat similar to Cindee’s, quite by accident. Somehow I manage to pick up things for my stash that eventually come around to be exactly the right thing for a project, and curiously similar to what a designer has used. Very strange how that happens. I’m glad I listen to that muse of mine and purchase things that I don’t necessarily need right away.


Normally I would do the fabric overlay on the face, but this time I decided I would just leave the sculpting showing and see how that works out. I quite liked it, and will do that again with another of her projects (like I don’t have a lot of those to catch up on).

For the dolls hair, I used Hemp. A local fibre artist has a really good collection of fibres she’s collected up over the years and while at her home recently, I spotted this hemp fibre. The recommended hair for this doll was actually horse hair, but the hemp worked out beautifully. You have to of course give it the respect it craves and not overwork it. Just handle it as little as possible and it works well.


I added one extra embellishment, and that was the little brown buttons where the trim is attached the horse, at the front and back. I didn’t trust the trim to stay together even sewn well, so I added a drop of glue and a button and it did feel much more secure in the morning.


My base is done the same as most of my bases. I almost always cover the top and bottom with two different colours of felt and add a trim around the edge. I started doing that so long ago and I just seem to always go to that. I works, it gives a nice finished look that people respond well too. And that’s it.

I’ll show you in my next post a very cute find I made yesterday… Has given me so many ideas. Back soon.



  1. Very very cute:) I think the hemp worked perfectly. I would have no idea where to get horse hair.

  2. Oh this doll is wonderful. I do love cindi's dolls so much. I still have to make her angel from her class. Will get there one day



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