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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Meet Radar

Through a crazy set of twists and turns this past few weeks, we now have a new permanent house guest. He showed up a year ago for visits, then went missing recently for 30 days and miraculously found his way back here to us a week ago. He was crying at the back door and frantically pushing on the door willing it to open. Pretty thin and starving but otherwise in good shape.

He is now a permanent fixture. I had taught him some little things before he went missing and he somehow managed to remember those things and just simply picked up where we left off. Of course, now that he’s back home, his night time roaming as a feral cat has come to an end. He seems to be adjusting to that quickly and I suspect he’s really not that concerned given the option of a safe environment compared to the unknown “out there”. We have raccoons in the area, so better and safer for him to be inside.

To see him in action, you would never really know he was feral. He’s quickly returning to the sweet little buddle of kitty kisses and cuddles he was a month ago. He’s getting over whatever the adventure was that he was on. We drove the route as much as we could to figure out how far he came and it’s about 3.5 – 4 miles.

A little spooked still from sudden movements, but learning quickly those are just every day movements around the house and no threat to him. He plays like any other cat and of course tries to assert the Alpha male role with the older cats that visit, but it never works out for him.

This is the moment when he tries to explain to the neighbours cat, that the treats come to him first, so stand down.. Yeah right…


We are learning to use his new name befitting his recent trek into the great unknown, and he’s learning how to respond to it… And so the journey begins. Welcome back Radar to your forever home.



  1. He looks like my Deva. We have two feral cats that we got as mature kittens. They are 10 years old now. They have both gone for a little adventure....visitors let them out the back door...but came home in the end and have never wandered since.

  2. Congrats Romona! Hi Radar! I took in three new kitties this year myself. The feral life is tough! You have a big heart!!!!!

  3. There he is, what a handsome boy! Welcome to your new forever home Radar, you are a very lucky pussy cat to have found Romona and her wonderful hubby. I wish you long life and many cat treats, enjoy your new safe home and congrats on your new family addition Romona!

  4. Glad to know he found his way back home!



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