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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Presentation Doll

My commission doll is done. It was a start stop and start again kind of time with this doll. I suspect because I really wanted it to be just right and I really need to wait until I hear the click in my head to know that I’m getting it right.

There were 3 requests for this doll. Some casual humour.  Then something that speaks to the West and of course the person herself. So here we go.

Humour…. that comes in the form of her fuzzy pink/black polka dot slippers and polka dot socks. She also does a parody of Martha Stewart in one of her performances, so I made some mini book covers of MS’s magazine and glued them to some little books from the dollar store and secured them in the basket on the side of the cube.


The West Coast Culture I have incorporated, is some First Nations art. I have used some artistic license to make this little button pillow. It measures 4” square. I have used an old earring with a First Nations feel to it and fashioned it into a necklace. I have made the leather pants and she has a belt with a gold buckle at her waist. In the picture below you can see the little books better. They are about 2” tall.


More covers and of course the guitar as part of her musician background.


The rest that represents her, is of course the box I already showed you from the last post. The silky jacket is very much like what she wore at a concert. The final touch was her hands. I made new hands as the others were too much like troll hands. These new ones are more feminine. I found a cute little microphone and made the hand to wrap around that. The caricature turned out just as I hoped once I added her hair and hat, that finished the look. I will reveal who the artist is once she has received this a few months from now, so stay tuned.


1 comment:

  1. Absolutely spectacular Romona, you have outdone yourself! The magazines and the Haida button pillow are the perfect accompaniment and the doll is perfection. The recipient is going to be blown away, wish I could be there when she is presented with your doll! Are you going to be able to attend the presentation? Wonderful work as always! Deb



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