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Monday, April 28, 2014

New Work

A lady that recently bought one of my dolls, bought it with the intention of giving it to a granddaughter. Well, when she got it home she decided that she just couldn’t part with it. She spoke to Janet where my dolls are displayed, and asked her if she thought I might be able to make not one, but two small dolls, about 12”. When she called me, I said, when does she want them by. A silence came over the phone for a moment and she said, by Mothers Day….

That’s when the phone on my side went silent for the same moment. When we checked the calendar, I said okay. One is going to Washington State, the other to Wisconsin, so they have to be small for packing.

She shrieked with delight and I fainted at what I had just committed to. Less than 3 weeks, and knowing how pokey I am…. Oh dear. But, I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge. I don’t necessarily complete every challenge that comes my way, but I do take on what comes. In this case I will get them done for sure.

I am going to use my embellisher to create the fabric for the bodice on each of them. The design I’m going to use is “Asteri*que” by Angela Jarecki. I signed up for this class 3yrs. ago??? and finally, like I always do, I am going to make it, x2. She’s a gorgeous little girl, I hope to do justice to her. I’m not sure if the class is still available on Doll Street.

Here are the two colour themes. In both pictures, the fabric for the pantaloons is at the top of the picture and is cotton. The rest of the costumes will be a variety of fabrics, to be announced.

Angela has painted stockings on her doll, but I am going to use knit fabric and make leggings instead. So those are on the right of each picture.

They will both have blond/yellow hair. Isn’t that lemonade colour in the second picture, just so yummy. The doll in yellow will have a bodice fabric built up on the pink felt, and likewise the blue doll will have a base of royal blue. Having been a needlework enthusiast for as long as I can remember, I have in the past accumulated a good size stash.

From that I pulled out a selection of fibres to combine for the bodice. I will do some beading on them after. I have no idea until I start to embellish, what exactly will come together, what might get tossed aside or what might be added, but at this point this what I’ve put together. In real life these are quite intense combinations.

The remaining fabrics for the costumes will show themselves as I work along. I will try to show progress again in a day or two..



  1. I'm not familiar with that doll by Angela so I look forward to your progress :)

  2. Oh my gosh, good luck Romona but I'm sure you will get them done with no problem!



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