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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring has arrived

If you’re still watching those pretty white flakes fall and the trees bending sideways in the wind, fear not. There is hope for you yet. Spring has arrived on the West Coast of Canada and what’s not to like.

The trees all along our street are in almost full bloom.


The Pieris shrubs are in bloom and I saw some Mason bees flying around, so they are hatching out and there is plenty of food for them.


The daffodils along our driveway are starting to open and show how well they survived our weird winter weather. Not anything like most of you have had, but weird none the less.


Our Kale plants are amazing. They were covered more than once in heavy wet sloppy snow and then froze several times and still here they are. It’s such a healthy veggie to enjoy in soups and salads. Cooks down like spinach, or chopped up and put into salads. Don’t use the stems, a bit tough….


Crocus, what’s not to love about these simple but pretty flowers. A splash of colour in a dark corner…


Now as I’m walking around deciding what to show you, this little guy decides he must follow me to see if perhaps he can help…


After a couple of minutes of look at me, look at me….I carried on. I turned to see if he was following and this is who I saw next.


A few little pats on the head and into the house to say hello to this one. Did I mention, none of them live here. They just visit all the time. I think there are a total of 8 visitors throughout the week. We have three we feed, two of those have been coming since they were probably less than a year old and they are both about 10 now. Their owners know where they hang out, so it’s all good. The rest just check to see if there are left overs…

This little guy lives next door, but you’d never know it. He spends most of the day here, but doesn’t have overnight privileges. He is a feral cat and by far, the most cuddly cat we’ve ever had visit. I suspect he’s working us…..



  1. Glad Spring has started to arrive in your part of the world Romona. Must say your veggies(Kale) surviving snow is amazing.I tended my Kale most tenderly but mine died.
    We have "White Cat" who visits.He does nasty spraying though.YUK!!
    I'm in the middle of a massive clear out! It feels a bit sad in one way, but liberating in another.
    Taking my gear to a college that teaches textiles.They'll love the gear.

  2. Oh you lucky girl, spring blossoms already! And bless you for feeding and caring for all your wee feline visitors, there's a special place in heaven for folks like you Romona <3 Wishing you and yours a joyous Spring, Deb

  3. We are actually supposed be getting more snow. It's nice to see that spring is somewhere in Canada :)

  4. look at you with blooms!! I got new snow yesterday and it if going to happen again tomorrow....arrrghhhh!!!

    What? ... a crazy cat lady who doesn't really own them? ..hahhah.... you are pretty funny .....

  5. Your post gives me hope we are not far away from tree buds and blossoms!



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