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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Saturday, March 15, 2014

More of Beatrix Potter

Good grief these ornaments seem to be taking forever. I’ve got to nail my workroom door shut and unplug for a few days to get caught up, but I’m so interested in this whole Malaysian plane mystery and hoping that everyone on board is safe regardless of who what why when and where this will all be figured out.

I could have shed tears right along with that young Australian wife and mother that Piers Morgan spoke to. It was agonizing to watch her trying to grasp what has happened, and I think Piers was feeling it too. Regardless of how I sometimes view Piers, I give him credit for being honestly compassionate with that young woman. I guess like all things we’ll have answers to some degree in time, but would just be so happy for those families if this has a good ending for them all. I will keep only positive thoughts, I just can’t go to that other place.

A few more of the ornaments are done. Rounding the corner now. At my current snails pace I’m just about done. I have four little Tailors cut out and stuffed, so cute. I think those will be my favourite. After that, I have two other Beatrix Potter designs to do and that’s it. Then onto a doll I’ve sketched out. She’s all ready to go, fabric, embellishments, my directions are all written up, now it’s time to bring her to life…

Here is Tom Kitten (again these three sets are done in different colours) Don’t you just love what to me looks like his jammies…;o)


Then we have Mr. Todd


And finish for today with Jemima Puddleduck. For Jemima, I used Minky fabric. The instructions suggest Mohair like I used for the lamb in the last post, but the Minky (when you see it IRL is actually a good choice as well).



  1. These sweeties are just adorable! You look like you had loads of fun making them.



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