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Monday, December 9, 2013

Nude Rose

A friend asked me for a special order of ornaments and one thing extra she wanted was a little fairy, like the little Shabby Rose fairies I made. She sent me an email and asked if I could make a nude rose ???? HUH !!!! So I asked if she meant a pale rose coloured fairy. Oops, she meant a nude shabby rose fairy…lol   Her sister collects nudes, and she proceeded to send me a picture of a nude female character on a coffee mug that her sister sent her. Too funny.

I decided I would use epb’s Fire Fairy pattern. It can be found in her book Little Pickpocket Wearables. There are 21 little projects. This pattern leant itself to embellishing and adding some cute features. (The original pattern does not include the anatomically, somewhat correct features ;o~)

This is how she ended up, with jingle bells in all the right places, a cute little set of ta ta’s, and the sweetest little butt. Size wise, she is about 7” tall. I kept the adornments light so as not to hide the body, I always feels less is better. The name was so easy, just call her what was requested “Nude Rose”




  1. OMG~how funny! Great job on "Nude Rose" Love that rear!

  2. Romona, she is wonderful! Love the ta ta's and her belly button, she is quite the dish! Deb



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