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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Friday, November 15, 2013

Billy Crystal

Now why would I be blogging about Billy Crystal… Yeah, it’s not what you think. ;o)) It just happened that I chose these two snow people patterns for this year. One is Billy, the other Crystal and it just struck me funny that if I joined the names together, you get a whole different picture in your mind. So here they are.

Billy is a design by Sparkles N Spirit. They have such quirky faces you have to smile. I added a little flicker light at the base of Billy’s feet for an extra fun feature. He is supposed to have a shirt, but that wasn’t working for me, you know these dolls tell you what they want. So I used two work socks and made him a sweater instead. He’s much happier. 

Everything else is pretty much like the pattern, although I did make him shorter. The binoculars for his bird watching hobby, is made from wooden spools, I used parts of gold snaps on the ends, they fit so well into the holes of the spools, I added a watch fixture in the center to give the illusion of the adjustment for focusing and finished them off with some gold paint.


And this is Crystal. She is a design by Sweet Bear Creek Whims. Be sure to also head over to Jody’s Etsy site here.  I have two more of her designs to make. Snowtini’s  (wait till you see how cute those are) and her Primitive Snowman Stocking. Her faces are adorable. This is Crystal, and she goes by the same name on the site. She is just so darn cute.

I made her body with waffle cloth, like what you would use for tea towels. Her scarf is red stretch velvet. The top of her hat is a crystal style ornament I found locally. I put her on a base, I do that with most of my stump dolls. The face is painted in the instructions and Jody does give great instructions, but, I haven’t done any decorative painting in so long, I pulled out my Prisma pencils and used those for her face.

The candle does light up although the picture showing that isn’t great. The ornament in her hand is from Michaels and on the front side of her mittens, I dotted them with gold glitter glue.



  1. Thanks Ramona for this nice post! I love Billy too... cute.


  2. Billy AND Crystal are wonderful Romona, wonderful job! Deb



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