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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Victorian Santa #2

This is my second Victorian Santa using Sherry Goshon’s pattern and press mold. For this one, I used what my neighbour gave me for the trim, which is apparently bear. I double checked with her and she says yes, it is black bear. The coat it came from was many many years old and that was more than apparent when I took it apart.

The fabric for the main part of the coat is a tapestry fabric with a teddy bear print all over. See the connection. ;o)  I originally had him with dark shades on and used a dark hair but it was just to creepy when I stood back and looked at it objectively. So off it all came. I tried holding other colours up to him for his hair, but white is what I came back to.

The shoes are like the other Santa, found at the dollar store, but these ones are pink. The toy bag is black velvet with soft pink polka dots. The gloves are a faux leather, the shirt is silk and I used some vintage buttons gifted to me. The pants are a home decor fabric (a soft weight) and the belt is made from a strip of leather and a buckle from a grab bag found at a thrift store.

The tassels on his sash and hat, are trimmed with strands of beads. The toys are all bought except for the little crocheted doll in the toy bag. I really love this Santa to, if I had to choose between the two, I just couldn’t. I hope they both find homes at Christmas.



  1. Happy to see you so busy and of course love your Victorian Santa #2.
    Your work always make me get busy and finish something I am working on and keeps giving me new ideas.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. My gosh Romona, he is fabulous, again! I've never asked but how big are your Santa's? I'm thinking if you are using baby shoes from the thrift store they must be a good size! Your attention to detail is awe inspiring as always and love the 'bear' connections ;O) Deb

  3. Lovely job and the white hair is perfect:)



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