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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Goth Girl

I am almost always down to the last minute with challenges. This is with my online group, Mixed Media Studio and at least this time I was a day before the deadline getting this doll finished.

The design is by Stephanie Novatski from her latest CD, The Queen’s. It’s available on Dollmakers Journey and well worth having. There are several options of dolls that you can make with tons of pictures and information to help you work through making the doll from start to finish. There are very clear pictures and extra help for making those little hands and fingers if you struggle with those. There is a separate tutorial on the CD to help with fingers, also step x step of her technique for sculpting the face. A really well done design.


I’m so happy with the way my girl turned out. The costuming is a combination of what you will find in the pattern and my own twist on things. I love the jacket. My girl has leggings made from a t-shirt stretch fabric. I carried them all the way up to the waist to give her some modesty. ;o)

The shoes are my own idea. I always like to experiment with footwear. They are made with leather and adorned with black cabbage roses and rose trim. The hat is also my own and again I used the purple leather. I tend to scroll through a lot of Google images to find inspirations for my dolls.


The hair I am especially happy with. I met a very nice woman at Fibrations this summer, it’s an annual local fibre fest that I went to for the first time this year. Turns out Tracy went for the first time this year as well. My luck.

I contacted her when I decided to do this challenge and asked if she could dye some mohair locks for me in a jet black. She is hadn’t had this learning curve yet, and was more than willing to take it on.

What came from it, was this gorgeous colour, a blend of black and what I think I would call a mulled wine perhaps. It’s a stunning colour. My picture will not do justice to just how beautiful the colour is.  This is Tracy’s Etsy site, she will be continuing to add to her products, so check back again.

The hair is needle felted to her head. The back of her hair is fastened with a piece of black velvet ribbon and trimmed with a contrasting feather. I used a piece of the leggings fabric to add a trim to the hat along with another black cabbage rose and more feathers.


The necklace is that of a spider in it’s web with of course a little bling to keep Goth Girl happy. The belt I had fun with. The center is a watch case. I added a small spider with a piece of white fabric behind so it would show. Then the belt itself is made with a piece of faux patent leather and chains.


The lace I’ve used came from another Etsy seller, Raincrazy, and perfectly suited to use in doll making. You will have to scroll through all her options, there are lots. She is in Hong Kong. I’ve ordered from her twice, the turn around time was very quick, even quicker than times when I’ve ordered from US which is just across the border from us.

The fingernails I gave her, I found at a dollar store. They were perfect, a spider web design. The fingers are so tiny that the fingernails will be more than enough for another Goth Girl.


Stephanie includes directions for making a beaded spider, but this particular one is from a tutorial I found online before I realized there were instructions in the pattern. Shame on me for not seeing that. But Stephanie has given instructions for a very similar spider to this one. And that’s it.

I hope you enjoyed this post and will make a Goth Girl of your own.



  1. Romona, Your doll is so spectacular! I can tell you loved doing this doll. So much detail!

    I had hoped to have timeto make a goth but made the balloon instead.

    I think I should get Stephanie's pattern.

    hugs Karen

  2. She is absolutely stunning Romona, your attention to detail always blows me away. Thanks for the link to FeltTrixFibres, I'm following her shop now on Etsy, your doll's hair is fabulous! Deb

  3. She is wonderful~love those shoes!



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