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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Vintage Santa

One of my Santa’s is done. I’m making two of these, this one is more Vintage themed. The next one I would call more of a Toyland theme due to different fabric. They are both made from Sherry Goshon’s Victorian Santa pattern and press mold. They measure 22” high.

The face is clay with a knit fabric overlay. As much as I like Sherry’s designs, I will warn you that the directions require you to know what you’re doing. Not every designer is a pattern maker, just so you know that if you take on making this, you will have to be aware of that.

The things that will help you:

1:  The measurements for the coat are only applicable if the fabric will drape well. If it’s more robust like what I’ve used or in the next Santa, very stiff tapestry fabric, you will want to adjust the fabric down in size. That will be up to you and what you are using. Measure measure measure.

2:  I wired the legs right to the toes. I did not use the button joint, I stitched the legs and arms right to the body.  There is a pattern for ears, but no instructions for putting them on. They wouldn’t show anyway because of the hood and hair, so I left them off.

3:  The shirt is done as illusion clothing, but in the picture there is more shirt than what the pattern says. I made a front bodice and stitched that directly to the doll, then added the button strip. Sherry only talks about the button strip but it shows a shirt in the picture.  I wanted the coat to be open slightly in front, so I added the front bodice piece. You will have to drape the bodice, there is no pattern piece for that.

4:  The last thing is the Santa bag. Huge bag if you go by the measurements. It is way too big and too short. I took off 8” in width and added 4” in height. If the fabric drapes very well, you might be okay with the original width, but you will definitely have to add to the height.

My Santa’s features:

Soft upholstery type fabric (like a heavy pillow fabric) for the coat and hood/cape.  Faux suede for the gloves. Home decorating fabric for the trousers, dupioni silk for the shirt. Dollar store shoes. The fur is real, not sure what kind exactly, but came from some old fur coats gifted to me ages ago. The bag is velvet. I added some beading to the tassels and the toy bag is filled with store bought trims except for the little doily I crocheted. The belt is made from leather and closed with a watch strap buckle and the hair is Tibetan Lambskin. 

I think that covers the details. ;o))  I hope you like him, here he is…



  1. I have that pattern and your Santa makes me want to get it out. Wonderful creation and so happy to see you blogging again.
    Thanks for the tips! Love Sherry and going to workshop at her home in two weeks. That would drive some of my friends crazy, as they follow a pattern to the letter, as I like to change things around and just deal with it. I still love your red "Cindee Moyer" crow.

  2. Thanks RuthAnne, I hope you do get your pattern out. Enjoy the class with Sherry.

  3. He is awesome. I love him. Love all the little details. Wow so wonderful!
    Thanks for your helpful comments Romona. Feet are my Jonah. I think next time I will start with feet and make the doll according to how the feet turn out lol!



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