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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Old World Santa

I’ve been busy working on my Christmas sale dolls and ornaments. This is the first doll, a design by Deanna Hogan, her Old World Santa. He’s a nice size, just 15” approx.  A good size for one of the shops I keep some dolls in.


Some details of what I used to make him include:

His hair is mohair locks that are needle felted to his head. Bet you didn’t know that Santa puts rollers in his hair and moustache, yes it’s true. I used some small bits of wire, wet the strands as I went along and just rolled it up and let it dry overnight. I was going to do it again, but a friends husband said he liked the hair, so I left it alone…

The outer coat is made from a faux ultra suede. I have a small stack of remnant pieces that I found in a second hand store. I guess someone started working on a jacket or coat and changed their mind. It’s lovely fabric and will work for lots of applications. The inside of the coat is a quilting cotton. The hood is linked with a Rosette patterned Minky. So soft, and I used the same Minky for the trim on his boots.


His trousers are made from an upholstery fabric, the shirt is Dupioni silk. Once I had his shirt and trousers pulled on, I pushed a bit of stuffing inside the shirt, near the belt, just to puff him out a little. He was a little lean for Santa. I made the belt by cutting a strip of leather and used an old watch band buckle. His boots are made with a medium weight leather that has a bit of stretch. Enough to help with fitting them on him.


I like to head to the dollar  store often, especially around holidays and seasonal changes. You can find some great doll supplies. The bag in this case is one of those. I took off the ribbon that pulled the bag closed and replaced it with a black cord, then stuffed the bag a little to plump it out.

To finish that, I glued on some little toys and trims. The walking stick is just a simple piece of a dried tree branch with a cabochon on top, a bit of chain wrapped around and a jingle bell on the end of the chain. At the bottom of the stick, is a simple ( I think it’s called) bead cap. A soft metal filigree cap, that I was able to press onto the base of the stick with a bit of glue and he’s done.



  1. Romona, he is stunning! The details are amazing, fabulous work, someone is going to be very lucky to add him to their Santa collection! Deb

  2. So awesome! Love all the details and your choice of materials.

  3. Your Santa is looking fabulous! Our doll group has been doing clay, I must get back to soft doll sculpture.
    Your work is such an inspiration.



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