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Monday, June 10, 2013

Sitting Pretty

I love little unexpected surprize finds. My friend Maria and I went over to Saltspring Island when the market first opened and met up with another friend over lunch. I was eyeballing a cute little doll size piece of furniture at a collectables shop and Elna talked me out of it, saying it was way over priced. 

She said she wasn’t working on dolls and didn’t know when she would get back to them and had a couple of little chairs I might like.  So when she came over to Sidney one day soon after, she dropped them off for me. The smaller one she made using copper wire, isn’t it the cutest thing and I can see a cute little fairy or imp using it. The other one reminds me a Marie Antoinette kind of chair. Fill it up with a seat cushion on the bottom, one for the back and dress it up with all kinds of fabric roses, the more garish the better I’m guessing. ;o)


Then I was in our local Safeway store with the intention of buying groceries, but my creative bent always distracts me to the floral dept. because inevitably there is going to be something special to find there. Whether it be containers, or adornments of some kind or something like this….


Could I pass by this and not see the potential in it. Of course not. While gardeners would see this as a cute little furniture piece to put a potted plant in out in the garden somewhere, I see it as doll furniture. I looks like it’s made from repurposed wood and metal wheels etc. Off to the checkout, to the car to put it away and back to the store and this time, eyes front.  When I got home, I grabbed a small piece of tapestry fabric and stitched up a little pillow to fit.


Yeah, you know what’s coming next don’t you. I have two of my three porcelain dolls sitting in chairs in the upstairs hallway. They needed to get out of their winter clothes and into spring summer attire and a change of scenery. So here they are cuddled up together and loving their new sitting place. Now they just need a rabbit or someone, to sit on the little seat and ride them around, and don’t tell me you didn’t think of that when you saw the picture.


Now I have two spare chairs to find bottoms to fit into. I also have plans for Jesters and think these would be just the thing.. So make sure whenever you go for groceries, you look everywhere because you just don’t know what you might find…..


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  1. The chairs your friend gave you are wonderful Romona, can't wait to see how you embellish them. And Safeway?! I'm going to have to stop into the floral department next time I'm in town shopping, wonderful finds. That little wagon is fabulous and your dolls look very happy with their new wheels! Deb



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