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Sunday, June 2, 2013


My muse gave me a bit of a rest for a while, she knew I was needing to take a break from dolls and get focused on myself and some personal sewing, but now I’m slowly working my way back to the dolls that are begging me to get them made and/or finished.

Rosebum, silly name isn’t it…. A customer asked me to make her a fairy like this one I made for Janet last Christmas.  It’s a Karen Shifton design, called “Damsel”. It’s a versatile pattern because every time you make it, it looks different. The one below this is Goldie, same pattern, whole different look. Fast projects, they measure approx. 7” - 8” long. There are different arm and leg positions included in the pattern.



I told my customer her fairy wouldn’t be the same, as each doll has it’s own ideas no matter what my plans might have been. The only thing I asked her was the colour choice, she likes turquoise.

The name makes sense when you see her dainty little bottom. I have a collection of shabby roses in a couple of sizes, and did have turquoise so all is well. These little roses are 1 1/2” wide. When it came time for her hair it just seemed to make sense to plunk a rose on her head and see how that looked. It worked. I gave her a paper rose in her hands and a tiny bit of beading just to give the illusion of rain drops falling from the petals. The wings were snips from some sparkly vines I found at Christmas. They worked well for wings.

The customer was happy and Rosebum has a new home to enchant with her cuteness.



  1. Hi Romona,

    Love your 'faes'! You go girl with those commissions!!!!!

  2. Rosebum is magical Ramona, your customer must have been thrilled! Glad to have found your blog, a new follower from Kamloops! Deb

  3. Thank you ladies. Your comments are much appreciated. Glad to see another Canuck to Deb.. ;o))

  4. She is very cute. I have this doll made by Karen. She hangs in my room.



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