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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

“And So She Waits”

Just for a moment take yourself back to about 1860. They were simple times, cruel in some ways for the hardships of the day. A young woman says goodbye to her new husband, a sea captain, who has to leave on a sea voyage. She bids him adieu and now must wait patiently for his return.

The young woman isn’t completely alone, she has friends she can stay with while her husband is away, but her loneliness remains, as she has had so little time to spend with her new husband before he had to go away.


Every day she walks to the Cove nearby and looks out to sea watching for him.


Everyday she goes, looks out in the distance, waiting to see the ship coming around, will it be today, will she then be happy again.


Time passes and every day she goes to the Cove to see if today is the day, every day she becomes more despondent but she doesn’t give up, she is fiercely loyal.


Day after day, month after agonizing month. She cannot leave now. Even the ebb and flow of the tide has not discouraged her, all the while the sands have washed up leaving behind their offerings.

A heart shaped, sand washed piece of glass has found it’s way to her, maybe a symbol of their eternal devotion to each other. She thinks it has to be a sign that he will soon return, would the sea play such a cruel joke on her. She can’t and must not think that way. He will return and it will be a glorious reunion.


But time has passed and now it’s as though she has become carefully preserved where she has stood for so long. She cannot move, she cannot leave. She is a woman of simple means but rich in devotion to her sea captain that she knows will one day come back to her.

“And So She Waits”

Tomorrow I will post about the inspiration for this story, so please come back to read the second of three chapters.



  1. She is so lovely Romona. The story is haunting. I will come back for the rest of the tale!

  2. A lovely story Romona, she is so beautiful and her story is touching. Can't wait to hear more,



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