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Friday, February 1, 2013


Have been hard at work updating pages on my website. The newest ones I’ve added are some Steampunk pages and finally now they are done. Click on my Steampunk Jester below and she’ll show you the way.


I would love your feedback as I designed these pages from scratch myself and that’s a big job. I have so much respect for those like my friend Maria in Australia and Tineke in Holland who are so talented on the graphics end of web design. Maria’s site is down at the moment, but as soon as she is back, I’ll send a link. She has spent countless hours working on web templates for me and is so appreciated for all she has done.

The editing part of a website, which includes the content of a webpage is so easy compared to the creative side of it.

I have also added a couple of Steampunk tutorials that you might like. One is free for creating this cute bug out of polymer clay and gears.


This tutorial is for creating polymer Steampunk cogs and gears. This one is a purchase tutorial, but is not expensive.

Links to both tutorials can be found on my Steampunk pages.


I have also included several links to Etsy sellers that carry all these kinds of gears cogs and other bits of mechanisms and fun things.  So have fun and I hope you draw some inspiration from what I’ve put together.

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