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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Friday, February 22, 2013

Madame Zlotska

I just finished this doll for a commission. I used the Madame Zlotska pattern by Barbara Schoenoff. She has the most peculiar body shape when stuffed, but it made sense once I started to dress her.

I had a whole different colour scheme in mind, but after the first couple of minutes of putting patterns and fabric together, I just kind of sat back, looked at this poor naked doll with fabric hanging from her arms and legs and ended up changing direction. She was going to have black hair, but that was to dark for her. The purple just brought her to life, so to speak…


I made two cushions for her to sit on to raise her up better and allow her to lean forward as she gets into her readings.


My customer does tea leaf readings, so that’s why there is a tea cup on the stand, rather than a crystal ball. The overskirt and table cloth are made from a scarf, which is a soft velour type fabric. The table is a candle stick. I left the little nicks in it as they are, just to give a more aged look.

The sign reads “Tea Leaf Readings”, “What does the future hold for you” and the vintage image just seemed to fit well with the theme.


I made a little satchel for her that holds her Tarot cards. Here and there I’ve added some crystals as requested by the customer.


A little silliness on my part, I made her boy sandals and socks. They do suit her though, and besides, her feet might get cold so best to be prepared.


And the finished look.



  1. Romona she's wonderful. I'm sure your customer will love her. Love love the socks and shoes...LOL

    I signed up for Cindee's Lillian and Max class. Looks interesting:)

  2. Hi Mary Ann, See you in class. ;o)) My customer is coming in a couple of days and says she has a place picked out for her....

  3. She is lovely and I love all the little details.

  4. Thank you Shashi.....She was fun to make. It's always fun to add those little extra's to dolls isn't it...



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