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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nutcracker Advent Calendar

I went to our local bookseller the other day. I was wandering around and something caught my eye. I took a closer look and here was this great Nutcracker Advent Calendar. Looks kind of sweet doesn’t it. It did to me because Nutcrackers, Jesters, Harlequins and those themes are my favourite. But look what else it is….


When you open the Story Book, you find a story on either side of the calendar, and all the little boxes that are numbered for the advent calendar.


Now look at what’s next. Each of those little numbered boxes are removable and can be used as ornaments.


Now this is the part that really hooked me. I love the story of the Nutcracker and every year I watch the Nutcracker Ballet. I have the Becky Holloway patterns to make the main characters from the story of the Nutcracker and I keep saying every year I’m going to make those dolls to display them every Christmas. 2013 could be the year they actually get done.

The next picture shows why I was so excited about finding this calendar. Not only are those ornaments very cute and ready to hang on the Christmas tree, but, they are also little story books. Each one has either the name of a character from the Nutcracker on it or scenes such as when Clara was dreaming. Each of them is a little story of each of those characters or scenes.

Can’t you just envision adding the matching little books to each of the dolls. Whatever books are left can be used as ornaments or stored away until I find another way to add to the Nutcracker theme each year.  

I don’t know where you can find these other than your local book sellers or perhaps toy stores or card shops. But if you happen to see it somewhere take a look they are absolutely adorable. I’m wondering what other themed advent calendars might be available out there.



  1. Romona that is a fabulous find. Such a complex Advent calendar. I love it:) I look and found it on

  2. That's great Mary Ann. It's a wonderful find and such a complimentary thing to add to our dolls.. I am lining up my Nutcracker patterns to start on after the holidays, ready for next year.



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