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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Monday, November 5, 2012

Mystery Doll X 2

Finally I’m able to show you the Mystery Dolls I made. Testing Colleen’s patterns is always so much fun, but this was especially fun because I didn’t know what the next thing would be. I made two this time, perhaps I won’t try to be so ambitious next time. ;o~

This a wonderful doll to make if you want to do something for a special friend or add to your own collection of holiday decorations. Either way Colleen has done it again with her attention to detail with this Advent Doll, .”Counting Down the Days”.

Her doll designs really are more than dolls, they are art pieces that will capture the attention of all who see them. There is so much detail and not the kind that you necessarily might think, it’s all the fine finishing details that when someone picks up the doll and looks under the skirt (and they do), what they see is everything neat and tidy and no shrieks of fear from you that someone will find something not done properly. Colleen always gives so much of her skills in her designs and I thank her for that, it makes me a better doll maker each time I work on something new.

This is Ivy and I made her into an Advent Doll. She will be going to our local tea shop this Christmas along with a few other Christmas dolls and ornaments and lets hope she finds just the right home to move to.


For my doll, I added the 23 to the tassel and the 24 to the top of the hat. I’ve opened the hat partially to show that when opened, it will reveal a pretty white feather boa. The picture above shows it fully open.


And this is Violet. She will stay with me. I didn’t make her as an advent doll but I did add crystal tear drop beads and round ones to the points of the tiers. The center tier is held up by the round ones to reveal the underside lining. Again as it always is with dolls, no two are alike. As you’ll see, Violet even though she’s made from the same pattern, has a different look about her. Each with their own personality.

Thank you Colleen for another opportunity to make one or rather, two, of your beautiful doll art pieces.



  1. Wow they both are beautiful Ramona. Bet you made Colleen proud

  2. Thank you Shashi. I really enjoyed working on them, not so sure I would make two at a time again.. ;oD

  3. Thanks for telling me about the Mystery Doll Ramona. Your two are wonderful~as usual. I am working slowly on mine, along with Raven and another Cindee pattern.

  4. Thank you again Romona for being the most wonderful tester. Without you my patterns just wouldn't be the same.



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