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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Door Angel

My neighbour has been after me for a couple of years  to make her the same angel I have on my door at Christmas. It wasn’t until I pinned her down and said “let’s go to the fabric store and get the angel fabric”. I don’t like making dolls for someone based on my choices of fabric. If it’s to go in the local shop here that’s one thing because it’s not a special order, but when it’s specific I prefer that the person choose their own fabrics.

This is my angel, and every year I take her out of her hiding place and up on the door she goes to greet everyone that comes. This year however she is going on the inside of the door. More about that another time.


And this is Judy’s angel. She seemed to like her well enough, she had her in a full bear hug as she was carrying her home. She doesn’t read my blog (of course now that I’m about to say this she will), but I have enough scraps of fabrics left, that she’s getting a small Christmas angel to go with her big one. Not the same style, but I think she’ll like her.

The pattern for this angel came from the book Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle by Tone Finnanger. The faces are so simple, two little dots for eyes and blush for the cheeks. Done. Does it get any easier than that. There is a whole collection of books by Tone Finnanger and each one has a charm all it’s own. Each is also distinctly her style without a doubt. If you haven’t seen them, take a look here. You will surely be hooked.

See you soon with my pictures of what I’m working on this year.




  1. Lovely Romona.....and such a great idea for a Christmas door decoration:)

  2. Romona,
    She turned out beautifully. Way to go!



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