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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Funny Elf moments

Just a bit of an update. My elves are much further along than these pictures will show, but my sense of humour played into me taking these pictures. After finishing the faces I had to spray with sealer. One half of them saw me coming and shut their eyes and burst into peals of laughter. 

So elf like not to warn the other half what was coming.


These guys had no idea what was coming, poor things, they look so happy just now.


Then while sewing up their bottoms, I just tossed them unceremoniously into the basket. At one point I looked down to see how full it was getting and what to my wondering eyes did I see. A basket of seafood. Do you see what I see. ?????  Don’t let them know I showed you this…not only did I show you their bottoms, but the comparison to seafood…???  yikes…

They would be mortified to know I compared them to crabs…



  1. Hi Romona,
    Thought I'd come and visit, your little elves are very cute and yes they looked like a basket of crabs, looks like you're very busy, keep up the good work.
    Michelle xxx



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