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Monday, July 2, 2012

Mutant Veggies

My hubby has been retired for a year now and has been able to do more work in the garden as a result. He’s had more time to spend mixing his organic fertilizers and all the compost and worm castings that make a garden grow so well. We haven’t used chemical fertilizers in the garden for years, I don’t think ever. We used gypsum to help break up the clay soil, lots of compost and mulch for the same reason. The soil was really depleted of nutrition. But a few years ago he got involved with organic fertilizers to boost the soil and this past year he’s gone right into it and this is the result.  Here is a sample of our salad veggies.


Looks pretty benign right. That’s spinach on the left, red romaine lettuce in the middle and Russian red kale on the right. I would think, yeah, they look nice and fresh from the garden, a few little bug bites on the leaves here and there, no biggy.

This is how big they really are. Now you may have seen them bigger, but this is a first time in real life to see what I have seen online and this size. My hand measures 7” from the wrist to the end of my middle finger, an average hand size. The kale leaf isn’t even the largest one in the patch… Salad from these goes a very long way…lol



Never ever have I seen spinach leaves this big…


Off to make salad….. ;o)



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