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Monday, June 18, 2012


This is my doll for the 4 Elements challenge at CDA.  Her name is Lucy (maybe it’s the red hair or maybe the name Lucy just made me think of gentle and soft. There is also a model on the 1st season of PR Australia named Lucy and she has that same kind of look).

My Lucy is 10” tall. This is where she began. I used a face mold by Sherry Goshon, the hands and feet are a Maureen Carlson press mold. I know, right now she looks a lot like a character in a movie about the walking dead or something, but it gets better, I promise.


Here she has her leggings. Jessica Hamilton has tiny doll print fabrics (in small pieces) and it’s a stretch fabric. Perfect for dolls. Just follow the links on Jessica’s site to her Etsy sites.


Now she has her dress on. I also made her some fingerless gloves. Who says dollies don’t get cold hands.


She’s all dressed now. Unfortunately you can’t see her cute little feet anymore, but I know they’re there and so do you.. The faux ultra suede I used to make Lucy’s boots I got from Jessica. The sole leather I got from a local store and the trim around her boots from here.


I knit up a little scarf to go with her fingerless gloves.


A side and back view. Her coat is made from National Woven Wool Felt from Joggles. Wonderful product, no seam finishing required because it doesn’t fray.



And the front. Her hair is Tibetan Lamb and the windswept look is very easy to do. The hair is naturally  wispy and in this case, all I did was run a thin line (very thin) of FabriTac glue along the edge of the hood a little on each side of her face and held the hair in place until it was set.

She’s holding tight to herself and she’s ready to brave the big wind that’s blowing. And I might add, we don’t seem to be able to break out of cold windy and somewhat wet weather around here, so Lucy may not need to change to a summer outfit.


She is now part of my ever growing clay family. I should have them lining the workroom before long… ;o)


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