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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Repurpose this !!!!!

This is my neighbours barbeque area. Do you see anything unusual in this picture????? No!  Well I can’t either, not from this distance.


So perhaps we need to get a little closer.  Anything yet ?!?!?!  Look very closely…..


How about now?!?!?!  Isn’t that just the best way to repurpose an oven mitt. I can’t think of a better way at all. Want to see what else is happening?????


6, count them….6 eggs. How does one little Wren, tiny as she is, have 6 eggs under her. Boy is she going to be busy if they all hatch out. What a clever little bird, she found a more than cozy little place to make her nest, and it’s perfectly sheltered, not only right above her but there is also a roof on the deck area. Smart little Jenny Wren.

I couldn’t get any closer to her to get better pictures but I also didn’t want to frighten her. She did fly off eventually and I quickly snapped the next picture. Had to do it fast, she was nearby and giving me a bit of a panic stricken tweet tweet. I think I may have to leave out an oven mitt myself and see if this might start a trend in the neighbourhood. She really does look so darn sweet tucked into her nest. My neighbours will have all those little baby bird sounds soon to entertain them.



  1. Savy little wren! I've never seen the eggs in a nest! Precious..... let's keep our fingers crossed!

  2. How cute, what a great place to make a nest, hope all the wrens survive...



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