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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

And along with the somewhat warmer and sunnier weather, comes my latest online class doll. This is Spring. The original class is “I Hope You Dance” and you can probably identify the designer just by the face as Cindee Moyer. Her signature is so defined.


I used a batik cotton for the top layer of the dress. I found it a couple of months ago and knew some lucky doll would be wearing it soon. The underskirt is silk as are her legs. The legs are made with Dupioni silk. Make sure you stabilize the fabric first with a fusible interfacing, a very light weight one, and your silk will handle so well. This applies just to when you need to be able to stuff the doll parts, it will keep the silk from shredding to bits.


The base is a scrap of the hardwood we used for the floors last fall. I have a small box full of pieces and so glad I chose to keep them, they make great bases and they are a good weight. The flowers on the toes were a gift from someone earlier this week. They were tucked into an order. I couldn’t believe how appropriate they were as they are the same colour as the trim I’ve used in the fascinator I made for her head. Talk about your serendipity moments.


She is also adorned with a few of the cabbage roses I like to use as well as the rose on her bottom. The metallic trims are from a eBay seller whose store is empty at the moment, so thank goodness for stocking up in the past.


Have a great weekend with family and friends.


  1. Love her! I almost took that class, but had not finished The Spirit of Christmas past. I hope Cindee offers it again. I notice she has the model for sale. I am going to a class with Adele S and Peggy Wilson in May (In Florida). Working on gourd doll.
    Happy Easter ~ and Spring!

  2. I'm ao jealous. I would love to be able to go to the one with Adele and Peggy. Have a blast, it should be a ton of fun...

  3. She's beautiful. I love the Spring bunting. Happy Easter and enjoy the spring.



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