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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Parsley Ice Cubes

I go from one extreme to another don’t I. A couple of days ago it was all things dolly, then comedy hour thanks to the Yeoman Warden of London Tower, and today is a cooking and health topic.

Parsley ice cubes you say. Well, it’s true. With all the rain and cool temps we’ve had, it produced a beautiful batch of parsley, the best ever. The fragrance is strong when cut and tastes so good.  Did you know parsley, simple little parsley is jam packed with health benefits. One of particular note is help with stiff joints. If you want to know more, and why wouldn’t you, click here.

Today’s offering is cooking and health tip. I went out and cut a lot of that parsley before it could go to seed before it gets fully utilized. Break the pieces off the stems, don’t be to particular, just remove the larger stems, keep the rest they are just as good.

You will want to rinse the parsley  several times in cool water. I did mine 3 times. There are little critters that you don’t really see until you bring it in, mostly little white flies, totally harmless, but do rinse the parsley well.

From there just chop it up a bit to make it small enough to fit into your ice cubes trays. It doesn’t have to be microscopic size, just chop it a little.  Remember to enjoy the aroma and chew on a few pieces while you work, yummy.


Fill up your ice cube trays, I fill mine about 3/4th full. They I pour cold water over them and poke the parsley down so most of it is submerged. Doesn’t matter if some is sticking up. Pop it into the freezer and wait overnight.


In the morning, look what you have. Transfer them to a box or bag in the freezer and just take two or three cubes when you make soup or stew or ????? and it‘ll give your meal a little boost. parsleyicecubes3web

I’ve always used parsley, but didn’t think to freeze it. Remembered hearing about this years ago but just didn’t act on it. So get out there and pick your parsley while it’s at it’s best….

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