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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Did you know?!?!

Prisma pencils are no longer made by the original company….. No they aren’t. Have you noticed that your pencils keep breaking and breaking when you try to sharpen them? Have you asked questions at stores where you buy your pencils, why they keep breaking? I’ve got the scoop for you…

I went to stock up on pencils recently, at our local art store. Later that day, I was sharpening those Prisma pencils and they kept breaking. One of the pencils even split all the way down almost the full length of the pencil. So I went back to the store.

I saw one of the employee’s and asked him if I could pick his brain a little re: the Prisma pencils. He said sure, what do want to know. So I asked him, “why do these pencils keep breaking when I sharpen them? They never used to be this bad, in fact one of them even split all the way down, and I wasn’t even really sharpening it yet, I had only made one turn of the pencil in the sharpener. Once in a while if I pushed to hard on the pencil and the sharpener they would break, but now I’m using a very light touch and the same thing keeps happening.”

He told me that Prisma was sold to another company and that company had replaced the quality of the pencils with the volume sales of them, which now compromises the quality of the pencils. To make a long story short, he recommended that I switch to an electric pencil sharpener. He does his artwork with pencils and said it’s what saved him the frustration. So I did. Now all my pencils sharpen no problem and I’m not throwing them in the garbage anymore. On a return visit to the store, I also learned that the company that bought Prisma pencils, is the Rubbermaid company.

What????  Rubbermaid???? Really…… So there you go. Volume sales over quality of product, yet again..

This is the brand of electric pencil sharpener that I bought. Some people aren’t convinced that these work, so speaking only for myself, it works so well that I haven’t wasted anymore pencils. One tip using these types of sharpeners.When you put the pencil in to sharpen it, listen for the motor to gear down and that’s the clue that the pencil is sharpened. Don’t keep pushing it in farther and farther…. I was able to buy mine on sale, so watch for discounts, you won’t be sorry…


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