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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Stitch in Time–is Done

I finished the last touches on her last night and here she is in all her prettiness. I’m not sure that’s a word, but I guess it is now…;o)

I think just about every one of Colleen’s dolls, has something to do. In this case, she’s busy getting her needlework done. Now originally, she was going to stitch a dragon, but I went online and found this pretty filigree heart, I had her stitch it in only one colour, but we decided to add a tiny bit of metallic and a few beads for interest. It was a free pattern I found while looking for Celtic designs.


Her hair is done with a yarn found at Michaels, it’s called Really Big and it’s made by Bernat. What I found so interesting, is that it feels like a soy fibre. It wasn’t what I intended to use, but when my friend Jeannine and I spotted it, we each grabbed a colour and traded so we could each enjoy the two colours. It’s lovely and soft and this particular colour went so well with the fabrics I chose.


I decided to use some fur around her Surcoat as well as around her cuffs and I think it turned out so great. She seems to like it to and the best part is that it didn’t interfere with her fancy work while she worked away on it. And yes, the needle is in her left hand, just like her maker… ;o)


This doll reminds me of my needlework era with all the fine work. The beading on the Surcoat, the beaded belt and the embroidery, plus lets not forget those pretty Crispinettes. How sweet are those.



That’s if for now, Thank you Colleen, I will never stop saying that. I so enjoy seeing what’s coming next. Bye for now until Finders Keepers begins her blog journey………



  1. Romona,
    She turned out so wonderfully! The hair, the needlework, the pose, the face - where do we start with how wonderful she looks?

  2. I agree Shashi, she is so lovely!



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