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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Monday, May 2, 2011

Pardon My Political Moment!

Our Canadian elections are usually pretty quiet,  but tonight’s results were quite history making in so many ways. Two major parties took huge hits dropping one of them below party status all together, and in our area of Saanich-Gulf Islands, on the west coast of Canada, we made Canadian history.

Elizabeth May

Congratulations to Elizabeth May, the first ever Green Party candidate to be elected in not only British Columbia, not only in Canada, but in the whole of North America. I firmly believe, that her refusal to get into the mud slinging, staying  on topic with her campaign, and presenting her party position, is what won her the top votes, unseating a Conservative cabinet minister who has held the seat for the past 5 elections.

She is also the leader of the Green Party of Canada and the other thing that probably played a role in her being elected, was the refusal to allow her to take part in the candidates debates televised on National TV.

No matter, she won and that’s all that counts. You may be the lone Green Party member, but your voice will be heard, I have no doubt about that. Onward and upward Ms. May, you’ve earned your place in Parliament.

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