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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2nd Round Robin doll

Just finished the 2nd round robin doll this morning. Why didn’t I wait until tomorrow afternoon, then I could really leave it to the last minute…I could be rushing out the door with the smell of workable fixative on her face and have that in my car all the way to the meeting, and then bless everyone in the room with that chemical odour… An opportunity missed…

This lady came to me faceless and hairless. I will have a word with the doll maker before me who sent her on with no face…. ;o~(

However, she gave this doll some pretty pearl embellishments on her hips and the top edge of her dress, so I carried that on with pearls along the hairline. The hair is made with hairy gimp. Unfortunately, the arms are stitched in place and I think it would be cheeky of me to change the pose. Perhaps by the time she gets back to her mom, she’ll have wonderful things draped over her arms to make them look busy instead of mannequin like.


Thankfully having just come out of workshops, my mind is still on faces, so I felt okay giving another doll maker’s doll a face. That’s a scary thing because you just don’t know how they’ll react. Maybe that’s a good way to force you to take your time and do the best you can…. She’s ready for tomorrow night’s next swap and see who I bring home next.  Until then……………



  1. I think you did an excellent job. Love her hair.

  2. Romona,
    This face is exquisite! Your round robin partner will be thrilled. She is delicate and feminine and I love the colours around her eyes which really make her look like an icy beauty. Love her.

  3. Romona I don't think anyone can find fault with her face. You did a great job with her.



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