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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Friday, April 8, 2011

Newest doll

I’m working on my next doll for the doll club meeting next week. It’s an embellishment challenge.This is my own design and I’m using one of the pincushion mannequins that I love so much. They can be transformed so easily into something completely different than how they started. Just a couple of pictures in the first stages. I should have it finished in a day or two.

The first step is to make the base of the dress and I’ve attached a paper clay head that will be covered with a cloth overlay. The skirt is made using a knitting yarn from Estelle called “Frill Seeker” and I added a ruffle from the same fabric as the body. If you do a Google search for the Frill Seeker, you will find a free scarf pattern for this yarn.


I’ve added a couple of trims to her skirt now.


Her arms and hands are done. I used a needlework linen for the hands as an experiment. What I found is that it will work, but you have to use a high count linen, this one is 32ct.Then I did some beading on the hands, trying to give the effect of wearing beaded gloves. The second part was to ruffle some organza ribbon and add trims to complete her gloves.


I have since covered her face with the overlay, attached the arms and made a purse for her to carry, so more next time.

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