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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

One more time!

We decided to spend one more day busing around before hubby goes back to work this week. Our first stop was Swan’s Hotel for breakfast. A great building with a long history. In the summer the flower pots all around are filled to capacity and there is a lot of activity all around the area. Follow this link to read up on this part of town. History of Swans Hotel.  Considering the time line and the background of the area, it’s great to see that the building is still going strong.


From there we headed over to the bus stop to go down to Cook St. village. Along the way we passed the chalk art I showed you the other day. Some of what the artist had done, was gone, but there were two new ones, just as beautiful as the others. He loves the old masters work and I think he’s fabulous the way he captures the emotion on the faces of the people.



We ended up getting on the bus at the wrong stop so we got a tour of another part of town before we headed to the village. That was funny. It was so cold outside, I didn’t mind being in the bus longer. When we left home, it was –5C and only got to maybe 1C during the day. I would rather have had snow, at least with snow it feels warmer out.

So we got to the village, but unfortunately most of the shops were closed. We had planned to go to Abkahazi Gardens next, but when we arrived there, it to was closed. Hmmm, poor choice to go out on Jan. 1st. However, we’re going to go back there. It has such a wonderful story behind it and the fact that so many cared enough about the gardens to work to keep it going and to raise the money needed to have it protected under the Land Conservancy speaks volumes to the value of the gardens.

Next stop was Oak Bay Village. We walked a few blocks to the village from the bus and passed by the shoe cobbler. I saw this doll in the window and just had to take a picture. Isn’t he great. Wonder how long ago he was created. Sorry for the glare, but through the window was the best I could get.


By this time I was so cold, it was time to find a nice place to have lunch and rest up. I had been to the this place once before and it was good. This is a picture from up top where we sat. This is the Penny Farthing Pub.


We sat next to a great old fireplace that was still decked out with Christmas decor. I got side tracked looking over the decorations.



Lunch was great, the environment was to. We thought we’d check out one more stop on the way home. We grabbed the bus again and headed off to Hillside Mall.

Of course this mall would be open, it’s always open…. WRONG….I couldn’t believe it, CLOSED.The rest of the people who were pulling on the doors were just as surprized. That mall never closes except Christmas day….

Darn….. back on the bus, head home and collapse in the heap on the sofa. Really tired, we walked tons, and it was cold cold cold (by our standards) and it was just really good to get home and put the tootsies up. I have a much better appreciation of what the homeless go through in colder weather….and so appreciative of what I have.

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