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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Dirty Little Secrets

Taking a lead from Susie McMahon on her blog post, I have done a clean and sort. You have to highlight the first part of her post to read it, the text is the wrong colour, but it’s worth the read.

The difference with what Susie did, is that I went through the rest of the house as well and did this. Thank goodness I don’t have a mansion… Be thankful for smallish compact houses with just the right amount of room…lol

Once my new desk arrives next week, all things crossed, I will get that set up and show you the final piece of this project…. I have to admit it was all worth it. It’s eye opening to see what exactly can happen when you don’t pay attention to what’s coming in. I kind of slacked off about my “when something new comes in, something old goes out” theory. Now I’m pretty much on track and will be able to go through things as I have a few minutes.

There are a few small things to sort through and I can do that at my leisure, but the worst is over and I can see everything I want to use all around me and know exactly where things are and that cloud of “where do I start” is gone. I was unable to even work at my table even though it was uncluttered, but the rest of the room was just so full I couldn’t concentrate. Now the fog has cleared and it’s full steam ahead with projects.

Have a great weekend and look at what I accomplished. One of the charity groups comes this morning and I’ve put out the two stacks of banana boxes and the rest will go next week to another group, sharing the wealth and all that….lol  Someone is going to think Christmas is early when they start to open the boxes…


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