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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Little Singers

My, or should I say, Jill’s “Little Singers” are done. What a lot of fun bringing them to life, so to speak. Each one is different and just so darn cute. If you haven’t tried this pattern, do check it out. It makes great gifts. If you can knit, be sure to knit the little hats and touques. I think more than anything, that’s what makes them.  I went online and found some mini christmas music, then made up a cover and put together little song books. Of course you’ll never get to see all 5 songs I put in them, but that’s okay.





These are my plus size girls. What can I say other than, whoever said all carollers are pencil thin. These gals are ready to belt out those tunes with the rest of them.



The pattern actually creates little stand alone dolls, but I wanted to make them into ornaments, so instead of the base and the weight, I just gathered the bottoms and attached buttons to finish the look off. You can think of these as Little Singer bums..


Now my friend Pat said they definitely needed a little trim somewhere, so I got busy and gave them all a little trim or bling on their hats. I had to do it to each of them, otherwise there would have been trouble….Now they’re so much better. Now with their trim and bling they are really getting into the mood. Cute huh!!!! ;o)))

Now I’m off to get things together for the next project, so check back again soon…..





  1. Romona,
    These gals are just so cute!

  2. Thanks Colleen, I just think they are so cute and would make any unhappy person smile for sure....;o)) Romona

  3. Oh how cute they look and the way you finished them off is a great idea.

  4. THank you Shashi.....I had so much fun making them.... ;o))

  5. Well I just received my pattern today for "Little Singers", now to find time to do them. Yours are so cute.
    I am so jealous~Colleen coming to your area.

  6. Oh have fun with them RuthAnne. They are such fun. And you can do so many different interpretations with them for other seasons and gifty things...
    I'm so excited knowing Colleen is coming...It'll be a great time. Romona



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