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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What’s Old is New Again!

A few years ago when I first started making dolls, one of the first teachers I did a class with, was Michelle Munzone. Since I didn’t know about our local club at that time, I plodded along learning on my own. It didn’t matter to me if I finished the doll, more important was for me to try. Even today I still sign up for classes and may not finish then, but I have it for later. Sometimes classes don’t come around again, so if you see something and can afford to sign up, do it and go back to it another time.

This is a project that I didn’t finish. She was mostly done but her face was so awful that I left her standing on my shelf and didn’t have the heart to toss her, so there she has stood for all this time. In my mind she was so scared looking I knew at some time she would be reborn and look so much better. And well now she is, at least I think so…

Here are the before and after faces, brace yourself for the “before” look, it’s scary. I must be pretty confidant to show this…;o) On the other hand maybe it’s going to help a new doll maker to see how everyone starts off and that there is hope…

riannabefore riannaafter

Now she’s finished. I took off her arms and re-stuffed them. I tightened up her legs because I learned how to do the ladder stitch properly. Her wings are on to. The original class includes instructions to make a clay flower for her, but I had these pretty paper flowers from Joggles, so I made a stem with a wooden skewer by wrapping it with ribbon, dipped the end in some glue then micro beads and presto, her look is complete. She stands approx. 12” tall and I may have to revisit her companion “Fineus”.


Although it doesn’t show well in the picture, her wings are actually a brighter green and the decorative stitch I did on them is a little flower pattern. She seems quite happy now, her patience paid off and has given her a new lease on life. Having done this, I have a couple more that need the same make over. So remember, don’t toss those beginning projects just yet, keep them around a while and revisit them later when your skills improve along with your confidence.… I’m certainly no expert, but I have learned by just staying with it and practice practice practice.




  1. Oh, I relate to what you wrote. I remember being afraid to start on a face. Then I let my friend finish some that I started. Now, I have grown and just jump in. Sometimes they still need help, so I leave them for a while. But I love it and hope to keep improving--which means keep working at it.

    Good Job!

  2. Ruthanne, Isn't it fun to see how you grow in doll making or anything for that matter. Just stay with it, it gets better and better the more we do.



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